Sunday, January 30, 2011

How do I get my site on Google?

If you want your web site to be highly ranked Google and other major search engines create quality content to add to your web site—create content that the users you want to view your web site will value and connect with.

Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have value?
Google doesn't think so.

Why does Google dislike SEOs?
Nobody likes spam. SEOs have a reputation for perpetuating spam; using practices like submitting sites to thousands of search engine directories, creating satellite sites that use optimized keywords to point to a main site, writing and spinning bogus "Boondoggle" articles and blogs to use anchor text full of key words to rank their main site higher.

What does Google like? SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Google gets profit from Paid advertisement; Google wants businesses to use their paid services. For businesses who want to be ranked higher the answer is simple, bid higher than your competition. The most successful businesses are probably the businesses who are willing and can afford to pay more for specific keywords. These top businesses will be rewarded with their higher bid prices by being listed higher on Google's search results.

The good news for the underdogs is that if you do not have the resources to play bidding games and risk money on paid advertising you have an alternative—to achieve sustainable high ranking results on Google you simply have to create quality content. Create content that users want to link to. Create new content with new information that is useful to the visitors of your site. Put value in the content of your web site so that you can make a connection with the visitors.

If you need help running a PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign or creating quality content for your web site to rank higher in organic search engine results you may benefit greatly by retaining the services of persons skilled in search engine optimization and web site development. Just make sure that if you hire a SEOer or SEMer to put value in your content and make a connection with your users.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Affordable Web Design

What is affordable Web Site Design?

The cheapest web site solution will mostly likely let you down, will be a waste of your money, will not bring you any value. My collegiate team was transported in busses by the company who offered the lowest bid; the result was that no one ever slept in one of those busses and many of my team mates found religion on one of our many harrowing road trips. Cheap might get you to your destination but it can be risky.

Will affordable web site design bring you greater prosperity?

Of course this is based on your individual needs and your relationship with your web site designer or web developer. Less experienced designers might charge half of what an established web design firm would bid on the same project, and you might get great work for your money, or you might get less superior work and end up having to pay an established firm to redesign a site you already spent money on.

If you can find a web designer that you trust, who values your opinion of their work and their desire to serve you more than the financial benefits of retaining you as a client you will probably receive greater value for your purchase no matter what price you paid.

Most Web Site Designers are willing to help you out by offering a deal that works for both of you. This could mean a web site with less frills, by only being able to promise a specified number of hours for your web site project, or that your web site will take longer to produce than it would for a client paying the full price. Talk with your web designer and see what they might be able to do to help you by finding a solution that is mutually beneficial.